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Hello and welcome to The Devil Books After His Own! This blog was created for my own satisfaction, to categorize the books I own and have read as well as post my thoughts of them. I can’t promise every book will be reviewed, just the ones I have thoughts about.

I read a lot of books growing up. We had these booklists that, if you finished ’em, you could get a free pizza from Pizza Hut and I always finished them. Unfortunately, I remember none of those books because my memory is legit trash. Because of this, I don’t count anything as read before I created by Goodreads account in December of 2018.

A quick warning; I cuss like a goddamn sailor and I have no sense of what a spoiler is, so please read my reviews at your own risk. I’m not a professional reviewer and I don’t get paid to read/review books, so you won’t get much from my reviews lol

Thanks for stopping by, let’s be friends! Add me on Goodreads.


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