A Book A Week (ABAW), Week 2


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I borrowed this idea from SamAsASim with permission and originally posted it on my Sims 4 blog, but decided to move it here instead! Basically, I’m going to read one book for each week of the year until the end of 2020 and, if it goes well, I might do it next year, too. I want to add that I’m only counting ONE book for each week, but the other books I read between them will be on my yearly reading challenge.

I have collected so many books because my dream is to one day own my own personal library one day, but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read most of my collection. I’m always too busy on my computer playing games, writing, or reading fanfiction. I want to change that with this challenge! I hope it will motivate me to read more and become more well-read.

It’d be awesome if you would join me on this journey and read your own books or encourage someone you know to do the same. Reading is quite important, you know? ^~^~/

Happy reading! 📚

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